Jai Lao Foundation National Scholarship Program

Jai Lao Foundation National Scholarship Program announcement…. Please share this link so we can reach as many Lao-American students as possible.

Are you a high school senior or a college student of Lao refugee descent looking for help in funding your education? Jai Lao announces our second scholarship program for the 2012-13 academic school year. Scholarship Grants totaling $15,000 to twelve qualifying students (two $2,000 grants; two $1,500 grants; and eight $1,000 grants) will be awarded. Application deadline is August 12, 2012! Funding for this Scholarship Grant was raised at Jai Lao’s One Night in Laos Charity Dinner & Auction June 8, 2012. To obtain an application, please click on the link below:

Jai Lao supports higher education for the descendants of Lao refugees living in the United States. On November 2, 2011, Jai Lao launched our first National Scholarship Program offering an aggregate of $10,000 in total grants to eight qualifying students with a projected goal of increasing funds every year. Jai Lao’s National Scholarship Program is aimed at helping students afford college as well as to encourage community involvement while staying connected to their Lao culture and heritage. In a land of opportunities, we strive to give Lao Americans with a desire to give back to society an opportunity to succeed.

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