About Laos

About the Country of Laos

Location: Southeast Asia, Northeast of Thailand, West of Vietnam
Area Comparative: Slightly larger than Utah
Population: 6.6 Million (2009 Estimate)
Ethnic Groups: Lao 55%, Khmou 11%, Hmong 8%, Other (Over
100 Minor Ethnic Groups) 26% (2005 Census)
Climate: Tropical Monsoon Rainy Season (May to November),
Dry season (December to April)
Geography Notes: Landlocked, Most of the country is
Mountainous and thickly Forested, the Mekong River forms a
large part of the Western Boundary with Thailand
Languages: Lao (Official), French, English, Hmong, Thai, and
Various Ethnic Languages

The small, yet mountainous and lush country of Laos came into global discussion with the events surrounding the Vietnam War.  In the late 1970’s many Laotians fled the country as refugees, and the Laotian Diaspora settled in all parts of the world, ranging from France, Australia, Canada, and the United States.  Lao and Laotian people have grown into large communities that contribute positively to whatever society they live in, as well as maintain the traditions and heritage of our homeland.