LAS Dragon Boat Team


LAS has been a participant in the Hong Kong Association Atlanta Dragon Boat Race for over 4 years.  The yearly event is usually held in early September at Lake Lanier (Gainesville), home of the 1996 Olympic rowing venue.  Want to join the team?  Want to Volunteer? Please contact us to row or just come out to hang out and have fun.  In the summer months leading up to the race, we usually practice every Sunday at the lake.


2009 Dragon Boat Race Recap


2008 Dragon Boat Race Recap

This year’s Hong Kong Association Dragon Boat race was as big and successful as 2007’s.  Even with the gas shortage in Georgia, thousands of people made it out to Lake Lanier again, the site of the 1996 Olympic rowing events, for a fun family event.

The Laotian community had an even bigger turnout, with 8 teams (out of over 45+) competing this year:  Wat Lao Buddharam of Habersham, Wat Lao Phothisaram of Conley, Drunken Dragons, NK Design, Land America Water Dragons, Carrier, Cornelia Jump Boyz, and the LAS Naga Fireballs.

The Laotian community showed their spirit again, cheering for their respective teams and other Laotian teams in competition.  The GDA performed a flower dance and an Indian Dance, and the LAS Natasinh dance class performed a monsoon dance and fishing dance.

LAS would like to thank the organizers and team captains for showing comradery and sportsmanship.  Even though the teams raced under the Laotian category, many of the boats were filled with people from all backgrounds.

Special Thanks:
LAS Boat Sponsorship: Swift Atlanta (Suwanee, GA)
HKICA (Boat Race Organizers): Gene Hanratty
T-Shirt Design and Funding: Cookie and John Morey, Dao Malaythong
LAS Team Captain: Souk Vongkhamchanh
Tent Setup and Removal: Everybody!
Food and Drinks: Dao Malaythong, Kim Pathammavong, Cookie Morey, and others
LAS Dance Team Prep: The Parents!
Photos and T-Shirt Logo: B. Vong
Laotian Community Leader: Kinna Sayanam
2008 NAGA FIREBALLS Rowing Team:
Carlos Caga Anan
Chant Hatsavongsa
Houmpheng Khitanong
Jeffrey Rattanong
Phet Virasayachsek
Lucky Phimmachack
Kee Phongsoukha
Paul Malaythong
Sim Thounsavath
Neo Praseurt
Tomy Siripanhya
Lee Xiong
Sam Sengchanh
Soukim Mey
Souk Vongkhamchanh
Dao Malaythong
Christine Vicaihong
John Morey
Kim Liemkeo
LAS Natasinh Dancers:
Indy Malaythong
Tila Malaythong
Amie Sivilay
Mollie Pathammavong
Arianna Pathammavong
Gindala Sheridan
Melaney Mey
For Complete Race Times Visit:


2007 Dragon Boat Race Recap

All of you that came out to the Dragon Boat Festival have brought tears to my eyes.  It’s tears of joy, of pride and gratitude towards our LAOTIAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY!
Looking back at the event, it reminded me of Laos during Boun Seaung Heaur…. All I can remember was being there with my older sisters along the Mekong River watching the race. I didn’t understand anything at the time, I was just so excited to see so many people, and got to eat great food and candy.
This year the Dragon Boat Festival brought our Laotian Community in Georgia together to promote our culture, our tradition, our spirit and our sportsmanship!
As a Laotian American Community, we got an award for the most Spirit! We brought so much excitement, fun and beauty to the event!
I want to say thank you to all of you that came out to support us!
Special thanks to all the Teams that worked so hard to get there, I’m sure you are all feeling muscle aches!
Wat Lao Phothisaram
Team Captain – Sao Vongkhamsy
Thanks to Ajarn Vixay for giving us the blessing and the inspiration. He was there the morning of the event to bless the boats and blessed us all from evil spirits and wishing us longevity, good health and good fortune. He encouraged his team and the community to continue to preserve our cultural tradition. The team did a great job!
Wat Lao of Habersham
Team Captain – Seng Thammavongsa
Great job guys! The team and the community are so united, you guys should be so proud of yourselves as we are of you!
Wat Buddha Khanti
Team Captain – Keck Vongsya
Congrats on winning 1st prize o­n the T-shirt!
Keck, great job on training your team, for first a timer, you guys did EXCELLENT!
Pado and Pakham your team spirit is awesome! Keep it up!
Carrier and Mekong Yanaak
Team Captain – Kinna Sayanam
Congrats on winning 2nd prize o­n the t-shirt contest, your talent did pay off!
You’re a SUPER STAR! You led a team of rowers and trained your dancers, on top of that, you got on the boat and raced! Your team did a great job out there, we’re so proud!
LAS Naga Fireballs
Team Captain – Amphone Sengchanh
I just have to say that all of you looked great in the t-shirt that Boon designed!
The 1st race was amazing! You guys showed great strength and great sportsmanship!
We had 5 teams this year, next year we will have more!
Thanks again for bring back memorable childhood memories for me and I hope this will create one for more people.
On behalf of the coordinators of the Laotian American Dragon Boat Racing Teams,
Amy Yang
Voranath Chanthavong
Paul Malaythong
Fawn Boutviseth
Ting Pathammavong
Amphone Sengchanh
My Sincere Thanks,
Dao Malaythong


2006 Dragon Boat Race Recap

The 11th Annual Dragon Boat Festival in Atlanta was a success, due largely in part to the huge Lao showing.  For the first time, 3 Lao teams, Wat Lao Buddhaphothisaram (Conley), Wat Lao Habersham, and our very own LAS Blue Lightning, competed as rivals and as friends.  Past races at Lake Lanier seemed a bit tame, but this year was different, with the Lao teams bringing spirit through dance, cheers, and a parade before each heat.
Final Results (amongst 45 Teams!): 2nd Place Wat Conley, 3rd Place Wat Habersham, and 9th Place LAS.  Go team!
Dear friends, community members, and all Blue Lightning Crew members
Congratulations to the LAS Blue Lighting–we did it! We finished in 00:01:07.486 on the first heat, 01:01.797 on the second heat; and we came one second short of making the top eight on the third heat. How about that team? I am very proud of each and every one of you who came out to race. As a community we demonstrated that it’s not all about muscles. It’s about teamwork. I salute the men and women of the Blue Lightning for the valor you all showed.
My hat is off to those of you who gave your full support and the vote of confidence to the leadership. That same confidence goes back right to you. You wanted it; and you got it. You came out to the practices and paid attention. That paid off. LAS always gives the false impression that we are the underdog. For example, in a short period of time we put a soccer team together. We won second place in a major league tournament. Unity is success.
Next, I want to take a moment to sort out my thoughts and thank each individual for the role you played in this year Dragon Boat Race.
Good job Sean for supporting the team.  Looking at the outcome, you can see that we worked real hard to win the race for LAS. Everyone was excited and had the motivation to win. It was a great experience for everyone.
Kob jai Seng and Singh for the leadership role you played on this Dragon boat race and in other events. Ai Seng thank you for charging hard in the middle section. It is one critical spot that is in need a person of endurance. Singh you did a great job helping out off shore and rowed with us on the first heat. I was real happy with the result. Great job Madame Vice President.  Also thanks for being there at the Community night. Ai Nath appreciated us an organization for joining him for a night of celebration.
Thanks Sarah for being resourceful. Your family came out and made a great impact. Also, you always say you have faith in me. This is encouraging. Racing is fun, isn’t it?
Great job Nick on the drum, you kept your cool and kept us synchronized. Your modesty with integrity is exactly what a team needs to win. Cool guy you are.
Thanks to Mitchell for your passion. Your tips were helpful. Mitchell believed that LAS could win a race and we did. Everyone was able grasp on the winning concept very quickly.
Bobby thanks for a great sportsmanship. You are like a white knight and shining armor up in the front.
Sam S you were superb in the front. Your intellect and calmness gave me the confidence that I needed to lead us to the finish line first. You have a strong force that put us ahead of the other teams. Great job Sam.
Great work Air for your consistency with pacing us up front. I know I can count on you. You got the rhythm and the rhyme bro. Nina thanks for bringing those delicious dishes. We appreciated the love and support you brought to the atmosphere. I am sorry that you two didn’t make it out to the community night to celebrate with us.
Tot great work leading from behind. Thank you for bringing your racing experience. It was helpful to the team.
Ai Tong great job on the last heat. You are a good athlete both on the soccer field and the boat.
Great job Khai and OD for strengthening the middle. It took both muscles and skill to win. You guys certainly showed it.
Ann R and Kinna S for bringing cheerfulness on a boat that’s full of rocks (hin) and haze (hum). The boat floated and moved with the speed of lightning. Blue Lightning! Go!
When it comes to motivation and devotion, John Morey is the man. John, the Terminator, we don’t need to strap you to a motor engine underneath the boat after all.
Hey Anne, I appreciate the hard work you put into practice and at the race. Thank you for your sincerity and willingness to help LAS. I saw the fire in your eyes. Woman Warrior! Be proud of our accomplishments together in a day under God’s Sun. Nick and you were the greatest.
How about it for the King of the Golden Kok Keow and his Queen, Khammy? The young couple were both generous and caring. Thanks for the delicious tum mak hung. Khammy was the one person who said I want to row, I want to row. She rushed down to the dock with excitement when it was time to row. I know your 3 children are real proud of mom and dad.
Ai Ajarn Ki, I think you put a few of that something something on the boat. Didn’t you? Thanks for the muscle too.
Thanks Kassie and Vicki V for being such an inspiration. You two are the best. Your hard work and time you both give to your friends and community is greatly appreciated. You both came out to support the team since day one and hardly missed any practices. At the race, you rowed on all 3 heats. The time you spent at the gym paid off, I see. Great job ladies!
Thanks Sheenah for being such a good friend to us all. You always give the support that friends need.
Euy Cookie, great job on the T-shirt. I was planning to go all skin. But I thought that might be a little too cruel to the women out there. LAS appreciated the dedication and time you put into getting us a team uniform. Please thank your Malaysian friend for us. He can row with us anytime.
Last but not least, I want to thank my cousin ai Sam and applaud him for keeping our boat straight. No one had to worry about that. You came out every practice, were a part of the team and gave me the support I needed. Did you and euy Air have fun at the community night, Boon suang heau banh hao? I did.
That’s a wrap people. Stay afloat and I will see you all later.


2004 Dragon Boat Race