LAS Soccer Team


LAS BeastMasters

The BeastMasters returned from hibernation, having proving themselves worthy in the Arena once again.
On June 17th, 2006, fresh from two weeks of training, Seng Phomsakha (team captian) had the confidence that the team had the competitive edge to compete in APAC’s (Asian Pacific American Council) first International Soccer Tournment in Georgia. Teams particating were: BeastMasters for the Laotian community, Thailand, Korea, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.
The format was just like the World Cup, teams play in groups. First round qualifiers advance to  the next round, losers are eliminated from the competition,  winners advance to semi-final, and those winners go on to the final.
Qualifying Round
Laos Vs. Hong Kong Kong (1-1)
Laos Vs. S. Korea (0-9) Korea
Eliminating Round
Laos Vs. S. Korea (0-9) Korea
End Result
Trophies were awarded to all participating countries.
In addition to the trophies received, the BeastMasters were awarded “Most Spirited” team.
Thank You for supporting the Team!
Thank you to all supporters, fans, and families who came out. We did Great! Among families and friends were Singh (LAS Vice President) and Vicky (LAS board members). Thanks to John Morey for setting up tents to keep us and the fans cool under the sun. APAC was genereous with food and drinks. Lao tum mak hung (papaya salad) was so good, even the Indonesians got themselves a plate. Thanks to the cooks, Vicky, Singh, and Lookgate. Thank you Boon and Souk for the great photos on the website. Thank you Thong and the entire family for coming out to play and support the Laotians. For all those whose names I did not mention, you are appreciated and applauded.
Amphone Sengchanh
Team Leader/Coordinator