Natasinh Dance School

The LAS Natasinh dance school was established to teach and expose people of all ages to the traditional and cultural dances from Laos and Southeast Asia. The class is taught by all qualified instructors in LAS.

The LAS Natasinh Dance school is still an evolving process, a project done with the hard work of all parents and volunteers. LAS would like to thank all those that have previously helped teach the class, offered dance routine training, costume creation, care of the children, food preparation, or simply time and money out of their own pocket to help little children learn about Laotian culture. Kawp chai lai lai!

Lessons are free, with most sessions being held at our Lao Center in Norcross. LAS welcomes all new students who want to learn about traditional Laotian dance. Please use the contact form to get in touch with our instructors.