3rd Annual Charity Ball


Fulton County Atrium
Atlanta, GA

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Many Lao artists and performers helped entertain guests that night including: the legendary Mr. Voradeth Ditthavong, Phone Phoummithone, Kith Chitarath, Ponesouk, Jack Saiyavong, Oum Narong, the Noum Sery band, Ole of the Exile band, and Chitpanya.
We can not express our gratitude enough to the entertainers/singers and dancers, who have travelled from so far to volunteer their valueable time and invalueable talent.
All the singers, from Mr. Voradeth Dithavong, Phone Phoummithone, Kith Chitarath and Phonesouk and many other singers and dancers all volunteered o­n the faith of LAS and its cause and were not paid for their services.
The evening’s entertainment also included a unique treat of a colorful and lively dances and performances: the Georgia Dance Academy, 4 Moua Girls, Vasna Traditional Thai Troupe, Royal Lao Classical Dancers, and Indian Dance.
The Laotian-American Society (LAS) of Atlanta, Georgia, is a non-profit (501c3) organization established in 2003 by a dozen young Lao-Americans who had a vision to reach out and help other young Lao-Americans to pursue higher education.
A special thank you goes to all our sponsors, your support will go a long way in making a wonderful impact o­n the community. Thank you to the many volunteers for who came out and gave so much of themselves to make the event what it is.
Special thanks to the multi-talented Phone Phoumithone and Yong, (both on stage and behind the scenes), who orchestrated the entertainment program and rallied the many talented entertainers o­n LAS’s behalf.
A special thank you goes to the legendary Mr. Voradeth Dithavong.
Thank you to all everyone in the Lao community that came out to support and celebrate with us, with your help and support, we can continue to give back and serve our community.
Thank you to the many organizations that came out to support us, including (but not limited to):
Malaysian Association of Georgia
National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP-Atlanta)
Thai Assocation World Center
Center for Pan Asian Community Services
Doraville, GA
Legacies of War
New York, NY
Voice of America
Washington D.C.
Center for Lao Studies
San Francisco, California
Lao Community Center of Rhode Island
Royal Lao Classical Dancers
Nashville, Tennessee