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Golden Dancers

The Golden Dance Program is aimed towards students in their adulthood. Despite their Souliya Natasinh counterparts, the students of this program have already gained knowledge of the traditional art of Laotian dance and instead is focused on fusing this knowledge into health and fitness.

The goal of this program is to promote a more active and healthier life style for those in their adulthood through fusing their knowledge of Laotian dance they gained from their youth into a more modern approach, such as line dancing, Zumba and even salsa dancing. Traditional songs are also taught to those who want to continue carrying on the beauty of Laotian Natasinh style of dance.

Golden Dancers

Souliya Natasinh Madthanyom

Souliya Natasinh

Souliya Natasinh Madthanyom is our intermediate cultural program that continues the teaching of Laotian cultural dance to students between the ages of twelve to young adulthood. This program is aimed to advanced the skill sets of the Laotian dancers in order to prepare them for larger scale performances and competitions.

Each student within this program is expected to learn Laotian cultural knowledge as well as various styles of choreography, such as Lao folk, Natasinh, Maw Lum, dances of various ethnic groups, modern remixes, etc. Students are expected to gain valuable Laotian cultural knowledge and carry on the traditional art of Laotian dance during their time in this program. Leadership skill sets is enforced within this program and dancers are expected to work together in order to help Team mates master a choreography. Students of this program are aimed to be cultural leaders of the Georgia Laotian community.