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Education Award Ceremony

The Education Award Ceremony (EAC), is one of LAS’s most important events of the year. We give recognition and awards to grade school kids based on achievements like academic achievements and extracurricular activity. LAS also gives out scholarships to promising Laotian college students and rising seniors, in hopes that they can pursue higher education, break the cycle of poverty that many of our people still live in, and hopefully return to give back to their own community. Students are encouraged to work on their grades, essay skills and volunteering, regardless if it is with LAS or not.

LAS established a scholarship program for young Laotian Americans pursuing in higher education. We believe that giving to those who need financing and are passionate about their pathway deserves to be rewarded. We receive many applications each year and actively hosted ceremonies for these recipients.

Applications for the Education Award Ceremony for 2019 is now open. You may download a download below.

EAC K-11 Grade Nomination 2019

EAC Scholarship 2019

Lao Language

The Lao Language program intends to reach audiences who want to learn Lao. More information about this program will come out. Stay Tuned!

STEAM, Education, and Tutoring

Laotian Americans currently are suffering an under representation in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture and Mathematics (STEAM) industry. While many Laotian Americans are going to higher education in larger numbers every year, many students ignore the STEAM field due to the intimation its difficulty. In order to alleviate students of this fear, the STEAM Session provides a hands on approach to understanding the mechanics of the physical world around them. By creating a fun, interactive and memorable experience to STEAM. The program’s goal is to spark creativity, ingenuity and innovative thinking while also having students think of less of the difficulty of STEAM, but rather the changes they can bring to society around them.

Laotian-American students still rank below many other minorities when it comes to high school graduation rates and college admission. In order to counteract these statistics, as well as promote engagement in school, the Laotian American Society offers free tutoring to the community. Our tutoring programs are certified by the National Tutoring Association (NTA) and the American Tutoring Association (ATA).