Career Development

Many great things happen with a single spark. In order to make a small spark have a large impact, many things must fall in to place. The same can be said when a student has an interest in a career path. To ensure that a great idea doesn’t become a dream, students need guidance.


As an immigrant and refugee community, young Laotian-Americans are presented with many challenges growing up in the new world. With not much guidance, many of these young minds are destined to cope and settle with their current lives and not reach for excellence. The best way to insure the future success of the next generation is to advocate and monitor their growth over a long period of time. Like a seedling becoming a tree, sunlight and water isnt enought. These young minds need to be groomed and nutured until it flourishes and bear fruit.


Laotian-American students still rank below many other minorities when it comes to high school graduation rates and college admission. In order to counter these statistics as well as promote engagement in schools, LAS provides free tutoring to the community. Our tutoring programs are certified by the National Tutoring Association (NTA) and the American Tutoring Association (ATA)

Lao Language

The Lao Language is unique for it is considered an exotic language by linguists. This is because no standardization nor proper methods exists for teaching the language. To preserve the Lao Language, we offer classes where we practice speech, reading and writing. This program is certified by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).