Justin Settah Rodriguez

Justin is currently the Public Relations Manager within the Marketing team for Laotian American Society. A graduate of Georgia State University, Justin earned a Bachelor’s of arts, studying public relations. He was first introduced to LAS as an EAC scholarship recipient in 2012. From then on, Justin has taken small volunteer work within LAS at the annual Galas and speaking as a guest speaker at the EAC. Justin takes great pride of his Laotian heritage, steaming from his grandparents’ strong involvement at their local Wat Lao Buddha Sattha Dhamma in Habersham County; acting as a Nang Songkhan Coordinator (Lao New Year Pageant) for the last 8 years. Fun fact: Justin is half Lao and Mexican. He believes Lao Culture is currently being brought into the light and with utilizing his passion for building connections and social media, he aims to help LAS make a stamp in raising awareness of Lao culture to preserve our heritage.