Laotian American Society



Translated as unity, this outreach project is to give the community a sense of unity providing a presence in all communities throughout the state. Since the Laotian culture has many events throughout the calendar year, the Laotian American Society is always out and about standing one with all communities.

Talat Sao

With many people in the Georgia Laotian Community being entrepreneurs, the Talat Sao (translated as Morning Market) serves as an open venue with for Laotians of different talents to come out and market themselves. By giving the community a platform to expose our culture to the mainstream, people in the community are able to earn and learn how to become a successful business.

Culinary Arts

Foods are a trademark of Laotian culture. With its unique tastes, as well as aroma, Laotian cuisine is unlike any other. As an effort to preserve the food culture, people are taught a new taste palette that is not only unique, but also exotic. In addition to the respect of the tastes, people are also taught how to properly prepare these dishes and understand the amount of love and effort that goes into it.