Laotian American Society

COVID-19 Food Truck Response Team

The Laotian community have gathered together to provide emergency food and sanitary products to support the elders that have served the community and the children that are a part of it.

Education Award Ceremony 2021

The Education Award Ceremony (EAC), is one of LAS’s most important events of the year. We give recognition and awards to grade school kids based on achievements like academic achievements and extracurricular activity. LAS also gives out scholarships to promising Laotian college students and rising seniors, in hopes that they can pursue higher education.

Souliya Natasinh Cultural Dance Team

Souliya Natasinh is the name of the current cultural program of the Laotian American Society. The cultural program overall was founded by the original members of LAS back in 2003 and had adopted the current Souliya Natasinh program in 2019. The name “Souliya” translates to “sunrise” which symbolizes LAS’ newer and more modern…