The Laotian American Society (LAS) is a non-profit organization and always relies on the kind donations from sponsors and supporters from corporations to individuals. With these donations we are able to sustain and expand all of our programs and projects. There are many innovative ways to donate the LAS and all it requires is just a few clicks.


You can always make direct donations to us via PayPal at

Amazon Smile

Before going to Amazon for all your shopping needs, click this link. You will be directed to and by using that link, 0.5% of your eligible purchase total will be donated to LAS!

Kroger Rewards

Steps to use the Kroger Community Rewards

  1. Sign up for a Kroger plus card if you do not have one (available at any Kroger customer service desk).
  2. Go to: and create an online account.
  3. Enter required personal information, preferred store, and Kroger Plus Card number.
  4. Click on Edit Kroger Community Rewards information.
  5. Enter and select Laotian American Society and click confirm.
  6. Don’t forget to use your Kroger Plus card every time you shop at Kroger to save and contribute to LAS!